Wednesday, December 7, 2011

virgin a day

Welcome to Arizona Guadalupe Frida

Yesterday I wasn't able to post my virgin.
Today I'll  post two of them.
Both are murals on 16th street in Phoenix.
That street has miles of murals on buildings and in alleyways between Thomas and McDowell Rd.

Absolutely awesome.

Not to mention the variety of great Mexican food places along the way.
A perfect day for me is a photo safari and a stop in for the best taco's in town.

The murals are an on going community project.
I often post about that street art here.
In fact the Madonna  above was
in a Haiku My Heart post done recently.
She is so beautiful I want to share her here again.

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a virgin a day


  1. I love the madonna with the lacey mantilla. She is so incredibly feminine and the shadows in her face are so interesting. I just noticed the tear in the corner of her eye. It is a strong statement really, almost political. I like that a lot. These are both lovely, Gemma. I think that street art is a fascinating and significant form of expression. It is the people's art.

  2. oh it is a daring wondrous thing, allowing walls to sing out into the clamor of all days!

  3. Blocks and blocks of murals sounds awesome! These 2 are beautiful - i have not found your Virgin posts probably i look in the morning you at night - they are all quite wonderful, sounds like a great area to live - good Mexican - yes i am hungry!

  4. Oh Gemma. 16th Street is our destination place the next time I get to Phoenix. My gosh, these are gorgeous.

  5. Who would need retail therapy when you could walk the streets for hours getting all that art therapy and food for the soul!

    Sue x

  6. Both are beautiful and the first one reminds me of Frida Kahlo for some reason!!!

  7. Gemma......these are both incredible!
    Next time I am in Phoenix I too am going to look them up. Thanks for posting these.