Thursday, December 8, 2011

A virgin a day

Here is another neighborhood shrine.
It is up all year.
Recently added Poinsettas and lights.
Rosaries are draped around her neck.

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a virgin a day


  1. oh thankyou for sharing this! I am creating a shrine in the front yard and your postings are giving me lots of ideas!

  2. My sister has a shrine for Mary in her yard. I wrote about it not long ago, but didn't post all the pictures I took. I will use her yard as my subject for one of the final days if this Virgin Business and post all the photos. I like this one a lot. Simple yet meaningful.


  3. we always put one up over Christmas simple but not yet this year.. maybe this year it will just be Mary and lights?? This is great.. i think a tour of your neighbourhood is in order!

  4. I love seeing things like this in yards. You can tell the make up of a neighborhood by what's in their yards.

  5. I'm feeling inspired to make a neighborhood shrine--tuck her away someplace in the city for stumble on and be spoken to. :) Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a great neighborhood you have. I am jealous of all the shrines. Reminds me that it is time to troll the Hispanic neighborhoods here for Christmas and Guadalupe shrines. Thank you!

  7. I have a Jesus in my garden but Mary is only inside. I think I will look for an outside Mary. Great post.

  8. I like to save you for last Gemma...I always save the best bite for last :)

  9. Busy day today so my visiting VAD is late, but nonetheless heartfelt. This is a wonderful yard shrine and I love the rosaries draped around her neck. The rosary is an important prayer tool for me personally.

  10. I love these shrines. I was telling rebecca that the people in my neighborhood are having a posada. I hear singing next door each night and they walk the neighborhood singing with candles, They have a potluck at one another's homes for 2 weeks and say the rosary and sing carols. It's a lovely tradition. These shrines are such a strong part of the culture and give us such a sense of people's devotion.

  11. i am wrapping myself in all this beauty!