Sunday, April 22, 2012

There is no such thing as a failed experiment,
only experiments with unexpected outcomes
-R Buckminsteer Fuller
That quote follows the introduction in Mess
and so we begin......

I wanted to do an anagram of my name Gemma Manzo.
I came up with words like: name, game, gem, age, zag,
mama, man,men, nemo, go amaze, and so on.
Have you ever done anagrams with your name? it's fun.
Glued letters,odd scraps and washed with paint!!!
Granted I don't usually have that much time on my hands but for the
sake of art and making a Mess you know....


  1. Excellent idea. Let the mess making begin!

  2. My name goes either direction...'A N N A' BACKWARDS A N N A

  3. Love the collage you made. Great quote as well.

  4. There are some online anagram makers. My fave is LARGISH WIT!

    I'm looking forward to you 'amazing' us with more mess! Go girl!

  5. You're always amazing!! I like the collage piece and the quote. Keep making "messes"...that's the fun part of creating.

  6. Lovely collage! I like your 'messes' ~ :)

  7. Hmmm. Interesting. Never played this with art. BTW did you do the sketchbook thing with Art House Coop? Wondering becuz they are coming to Winter Park again this year end of Sept. and I can go see your book. xoxoxo