Saturday, May 5, 2012

Full Moon-good Earth healing meditation

Postcard from Paradise under the moon

As keeper of this seed crystal,
Holding crystal in healing meditation

One of 8 on a grid around the world,
Recharing on Arizona Crisocola boulder  under full moon-good light
it is my honor each month on the full moon to do an an earth healing meditation.
Please join us this month and send positive prayers and vibrations to our planet.

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  1. This is good that you do this for our planet. I have a healing crystal that looks much like that one,and it came from Sedona. I carry it with me always.

  2. oh gemma i love this. perhaps you can not reveal this...but my heart is full of questions. how did this begin? where are the points on the grid? i sense a powerful story here.
    adding my prayers to the crystal circle of light!

  3. Looks like a paradise to me ~ lovely post and joining you in prayers and wishes ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. Joining you in silent prayer of gratitude to our planet.Crystal are healing.