Monday, May 7, 2012

Mess Book Therapy

Ink Blot test
Mess Book
My attempt  to make a butterfly by dripping ink on one page. I used a straw to blow the ink around, with hopes of a delicate veined effect. Then I closed the book to get the ink on both pages.  Not a masterpiece? oh well (!)
Next I put the book down on the ground and dripped ink, some water, and a little paint,from 5 feet above.  Lets just say the book looks better than my hands. Don't know how I managed to get purple ink under my fingernails. (hard to get out)

Look at how wrinkled my book is getting from all of the messes. I am starting to LOVE it....


  1. I love it!! The colors look fantastic. Great, beautiful messes. :)

  2. I love it too Gemma. Awesome colors. Hope you are doing well amiga. I'm starting to get lazy again, tee hee. Enjoy the week.

  3. Gemma, these pages are glorious. They look like batik fabric. in fact, you could turn these into gorgeous original fabric designs. Perfect for summer lounging by the pool.

  4. You created such beautiful patterns and color combinations! (I agree with Annie - I think the butterfly looks like a batik... Fantastic!)


  5. i love you gemma and your spontaneous flights of inspiration!
    there is an amazing link on my post today i am certain you, your students, and grandchildren will LOVE!

  6. My goodness Gemma, what a MESS you made. You are having so much fun with the mess book. Love what you are doing. :)

  7. both pages look great but that second one looks awesome... I am glad you have ink under your fingernails as I still have a blue streak in my hair from ink... it is slowly fading out!!!

  8. It really does feel great knowing you just can't 'mess up'... because that's the very point. It is indeed most liberating!