Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mess Book therapy

Ahhh!!! Working in the Mess book is a great way to decompress after a long week in the library.  It felt good to get frustrations out by shaving crayons then dropping them in the book. Then I closed the book and took a HOT iron to melt the wax.....Oh I like!!! It's thick and colors mixed together nicely.

On the  next page I used an old puzzle piece as a stencil, took my portfolio water colors to make a mess and finger smudge around it. I like this too. Reminds me of a cloudy day.
 :-) simple pleasures. Hope no one is looking for that puzzle piece.

Oh and YES I did it.
My husband Lee did not want me to paint my tire in the drive way. LOL wonder why???
Apparently there is pride in having a clean driveway....who knew?
So I moved my car to the street. The asphalt was hot (I live in the desert) and I could not crawl under the car enough to get all of the treads....But using GOLD, Orange, and Magenta acryllics I reached under and painted what I could.  Then I hurried and ran over my book so I could wash the tire off before the paint dried. God forbid there would be paint on the tire.
Actually Lee supports me in most of  my messes....
however he does give me some funny looks from time to time...
That's it for now. I'm working through my angst with mess book therapy.


  1. I love these pages, especially the one with tire marks. I can just see you out there painting the tire! HB would probably think I was crazy if I tried to do that...although by now he should know me.

  2. Yay! This is amazing mess. I loved the crayon melting too - I found it very therapeutic.

  3. great stuff. I meant to paint my tire today and forgot all about it!

  4. LOL! I was wondering how you got the tire tread on the page!

  5. LOL I wonder if you have an HOA and what they thought of you painting your tires. LOL!! Such fun you are having with your book.

  6. Oh I know 'the funny look' feeling, don't you just love them more?! Nice marks! x

  7. A good idea, a mess page per day, a week long challenge...

  8. How funny is it that I too get that look from my family... like~ OH NO! What's she doing now? How much is this going to cost?... What kind of a mess are we in for now? You know, THAT look!

    Fun project! How are the neighbors treating you 'bout now?? *giggles*

  9. Love the last one!
    Very creative!
    Desert sunset colours!