Saturday, May 19, 2012

My heart

Finding photographs
family now mostly gone
remembered with love

Here are four of the six sisters
Isabel, Sarah, Ruthie, and Carol
My Mom is 2nd from bottom.
Taken in Arizona or New Mexico in the 1940"s.
Natural blondes, brunettes, and redheads:
all beautiful inside and out.

Aunt Sarah and My mom Ruthie
One big Irish family.
Mom is in front holding camera bag

Momma and her friend with
fishin' poles

With the magic of technology and getting in touch with some long lost family pictures on Facebook
my heart has exploded with LOVE.  
Thanks to my cousin Ed for sharing these old photos with me.
The above pictures are my mother Ruthie and her

         Here are some more of my aunts and uncles and my Mother in the middle in the back.

One big happy family sharing LOVE.
I am blessed.
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  1. Oh, Gemma. These pictures just make my heart swell with emotion. What beautiful and strong looking and happy women.

    I'm so happy you connected with lost family. I have not had such luck, and believe me, I've looked around. Perhaps I should try again.

  2. Family wasn't lost just the photographs.

  3. These are beautfiful pictures, a lovely heirloom for generations to come. I especially like the first one, they look so happy together!

  4. Your family is beautiful...and your mother stands out with that smile. How wonderful to have these "lost" photos again.

  5. Such a special post today - what a beautiful family! The natural happiness and love is coming from those photos! Love the haiku too!

  6. They are all lovely but your mum stands out as a natural beauty, thanks for sharing, and knowing your roots are Irish is special, I love the Irish! x

  7. oh gemma.....
    having walked beside you in the pursuit of a deep rooted creative life i feel the life blood of all these women within you.
    so much beauty, so much love!

  8. Pretty pictures and your mom is beautiful. It is so soul-stirring when you know who the people are in your vintage pictures. I have a lot that I scavenged from my grandmother/father's house when they died. I don't even know who the majority of the people are. I'm happy for you.

  9. I loved looking at your pictures of these happy women in your life! They are all so beautiful and strong! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. there is so much love and pride in these photos, a heart connection of family. i love your sharing today.

  11. What a wonderful idea ~ These shots are priceless and so endearing ~ blessings on you and your ancestors ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  12. Beautiful Gemma. Thanks for sharing your heart. xo

  13. You are so lucky to have these priceless family photos! Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. I personally love black and white photographs but they are precious and priceless when the beautiful black and white photos are the people we love and pull our heart strings!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  15. What a treasure this is, Gemma. So glad you are scanning and getting to see your beautiful momma and aunties again.

  16. What a lovely tribute to your wonderful family. Thank you for sharing it.

  17. Sorry I'm so very late visiting. My friend is still here, so my computer time is limited. I agree with you that your mother and hers sisters are all very, very beautiful. What a heartfelt retrospective you have created using these photos.

  18. Beautiful reminiscences! You composed a really nice haiku for this and yes, your mom is beautiful:

  19. Wonderful heart entry. I love old family photos. I especially like the group shot where your Mom is holding the camera. Looks like a fun time.


  20. BEAUTIFUL, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. :)

  21. Gma your family is beautiful!The group photo could be taken on a Hollywood set in the 40's!!
    Your mom is a gorgeous lady!