Friday, August 10, 2012

Haiku my heart

scientific day
for a child of ten years old
eating crab apples

vivid memory
ate several of them,crunchy
sitting in that tree

a cocoon was there,
pondered metamorphosis,
day dreamed about it

treetop scenic view
legs swinging, checking things out
munching on tart fruit

breaking into song
"oh susannah don't you cry"
with sour mouthful

My dog was barking
I jumped down from a high branch

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Haiku My Heart


  1. {{ wellll
    i plum LOVE this haiku story, gemma!

    it is like you were Me
    in North Carolina
    that summer
    at my grandmothers house,
    only i was maybe 8...

    what a great story
    in haiku form! }}

    most*likely i will B back
    to read it again...

    PS--this part--->
    breaking into song
    "oh susannah don't you cry"

    was my fav part!

    we must have gone
    to the same childhood
    only in different places...

    i bet U sang--->
    ""she'll B coming 'round the mountain,
    when she comes...
    she'll B driving 6 white horses,
    she'll B driving 6 white horses""

  2. This is so awesome. I bet that voice was soulful even with the sour tartness of the crabapples. Thanks so much for sharing and bringing me to another place today. I loved the journey.


  3. gemma girl,
    you sure can tell an amusing story, with
    a tart to last all day!


  4. you described a fun day......until the puking! great to be a kid again....

  5. LOL! I was wondering how you could keep eating those crab apples...they are awful!
    That picture reminds me of the green walnuts on our tree. All day long the squirrels go up the tree and come back down with 2 nuts in there mouth...I say "Tennis anyone?" to them as if they have my sense of humor. They are much to busy for jokes.
    Loved your story and Love you Gemma♥

  6. So enjoyed this, especially the breakout into song! It brought summers, being a kid, and climbing trees right into the morning of my day! Thank you!

  7. Oh, the memories of crabapple discovery!

  8. Fun and memorable haiku ~ 10 is such a fun age ~especially for a female ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Awesome set of haiku ... with a smile

    Please visit:

  10. This was a great memory full of haiku.

  11. haiku times six
    your story makes memories come back to entertain
    my mind and my heart!

  12. Nice story...I like the view of the crab apple eating child ~

  13. What a joy to experience your childhood memories through haiku. I loved the surprise at the end...or was it a surprise? Made me remember growing up in upstae New York...eating wild things whenever I could get my hands on them! What fun!

  14. Ah yes, memories of crabapples in the NC mountains. Why didnt someone tell me they are ick? The mountain people make jelly out of them though. Must use LOTS of sugar, lol. Thanks for the memories. Very well told.

  15. I'm late visiting 'the haiku circle' but I thought I'd better take the time a few days later then hurry through everyones post... and I love how you told a long story with just a few words in these haiku. I can picture you in that tree singing (showering apple juice around) Love it!