Sunday, February 24, 2013

Postcards from paradise

Arizona Snow
view from Amanda's front porch
cozy fire inside

 This past week I went to Northern Arizona to visit my daughter.
we shared
an abundance
 warmth and LOVE.
My heart is full of gratitude.
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  1. Those little wood burning stoves are quaint. But the charm is fleeting when you have to try to heat the house with one...up all night stoking and feeding the flame. And the wood chopping and the dirt...ahh the good old days when I was a pioneer woman and the kids we small. Suddenly this winter seems a cinch :)

  2. There's nothing as warm and comforting as a wood fire. Having that beautiful view of the snow and then being able to sit beside the fire...pure heaven!

  3. ohoh
    oh how lovely that outside part
    does looks ...

    and cozy
    and loving
    on the inside part ...

    {{ isn't life grand !! }}

    what is snow ??

  4. gemma you have flooded my heart with so many fireside memories. thank you for keeping the fire burning and placing a cozy chair right beside you.

  5. Oh I feel a piece of fork over flames toast coming on, dripping with butter, chatter and love. x

  6. Glad you found some warmth in these crazy temperatures up here this weekend! But really, there's nothing more satisfying than sharing a great fire with a loved one on a wintry day. What fun!

  7. How blessed you were with your trip to daughters ~ lovely photos ~ never think of Arizona with snow ~ Wonderful post ^_^

  8. I've heard from friends who are out in AZ that this year it has been colder than last. I feel better about making the decision NOT to go there this year. Hogie leaving March 1st on his own for a month.
    I'm sure that you enjoyed a different season, a bit of snow even if it's for a few days!
    Waving love and hugs Anna xo

  9. I never associate snow with AZ. Crazy! Or should i say...


  10. The best part...sharing an abundance of warmth and love with your daughter. My heart bursts for you. Your gratitude is right. xoxoxoxo and more!

  11. {{ me again,
    dear one,
    just making Certain
    you take some time to PLAY !! }}

  12. There is something so incongruous about Arizona and snow. I've been in it. I've driven through it and still it seems so out of place. Oddly, Snow and New Mexico doesn't evoke the same feeling for me. Personally, I like the unexpectedmess of snow in Arizona even when it reality it is quite normal.