Monday, June 17, 2013

The heat is on.
Summer sun beats down.
A blast furnace at 6:00A.M.
Early morning ice coffee with something cold
like fruit and yogurt.
Getting hotter outside,
nice and cool in the house.
Thanks GOD.
Salad for lunch.
In the afternoon
as the temperature gets up past 110 degrees,
excuse me,
it's nap time,
an announcement:
"I am not cooking dinner."


  1. Oh ho!! I wouldnt cook dinner either in that temp, even with A/C. A cold bean salad might be good...lotsa protein there. Dont you have a pool? That might help too! Hot here too but at least the humidity makes us sweat! (No pool). I have been in those over 100 temps in LV and my poor old bones just bake, my skin fries, and if there were cannibals around, they wouldnt even have to put a pot on to boil me in! I was already tenderized! Stay cool my friend! Your art, as always, is awesome! Stay inside in the A/C and make more. xo

  2. Awesome art Gemma. Stay cool and how fun-no cooking.:)

  3. We are getting into real winter here - pouring rain, thick jackets and pots of soup bubbling on the stove! I will swop with you any day :D