Friday, June 14, 2013

Haboob Haiku My heart

A haboob is a giant summer dust storm that rolls in from the desert.
Some have been as much as one mile high.
Usually they are followed by rain.
leaving everything in it's wake a muddy mess.

This is a big problem for the ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation)
Here is a creative way they have brought this to our attention.
The following is an excerpt from an ADOT EMail:
Haboob Haiku: Year Two 
Dust storm poetry
Shakespeare's got nothing on this
More great haiku, please
PHOENIX — As part of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s efforts to
spread the word about dust storm safety, the agency is once again asking people
to channel their inner poets and send in their haboob haikus. Haboob Haiku: Year Two
gets underway today through ADOT’s social media sites. ADOT first issued
the Haboob Haiku Challenge last year as part of its “Pull Aside, Stay Alive”
dust storm awareness campaign. The challenge was such a smashing success
that worldwide media featured some of the 600 haiku submissions. The
“Pull Aside, Stay Alive” campaign re-launched yesterday as part
of Arizona Monsoon Awareness Week. The campaign will run through the summer,
reminding drivers about the dangers of dust storms and monsoon storms.
A haiku is a form of structured Japanese poetry that follows the traditional rules of
three lines of five, seven and five syllables, respectively. The haikus are designed
to reinforce ADOT’s public safety Drivers are instead encouraged to pull off the roadway
and wait out a dust storm rather than trying to drive with reduced or zero visibility.
This year, everyone is encouraged to send in their haboob haikus to the following
ADOT social media sites:
Some of the favorite haboob haikus from last year include:
  • You’re not a Jedi. / This is not Tatooine, Luke / Pull over now, man.
  • Dust blows, swirls and grows / Roadways become danger zones / Pull over, lights off
  • Wham, bam, dust storm jam / Can’t see, don’t drive, pull over / Lights out ’til all clear

  •  I submit:
    dark sky is coming
    stay calm, pull over, trust God
    hide your breath in hand



    1. gemma....i remember hearing some of these haiku on NPR last year! such a creative way to engage and reinforce necessary safety for these blinding storms!
      thank you for sharing this on haiku my heart, i hope many of us will be inspired to participate!
      i love yours, and i love you.

    2. wow...amazing both in the Haboob itself! and the ADT for asking for this type of help.

    3. How fascinating. A terrific Haboob Haiku!

    4. Good Grief! Suddenly PA doesn't seem so bad!
      Your haiku is a winner...
      hide your breath in your hand ~ love that.
      Love you♥♥

    5. I had no idea this happens in the US. I lived in Iran for several years as preteen and early teen. Huge dust storms we had. Definitely unique public safety campaign. Thank you for sharing this!

    6. Weather poetry administered by the state. Who would have thunk it? Unique idea and very cool! Your haiku is fantastic!


    7. Wow! and I'm glad to have learned a new word today. I wish we had some creativity and inspiration like this in our part of the world.