Friday, November 29, 2013

haiku my heart

With effortless ease
angels leave their calling cards
for those who believe
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Haiku My heart


  1. Beautiful photo and wonderful message in your creative haiku ~ thanks,
    carol, xxx

  2. very elegant! have a nice Friday, thanks for stopping by my blog

    much love...

  3. Amazing photo and precious words. So enjoyed this post!!! Happy day!

  4. The key to seeing or hearing angels is, as you point out, believing. Oh, I believe! ;)

  5. dear gemma,
    i was as surprised as you are to find that this sunday is december first; which begins my favorite collection of postings of the year, a virgin a day. i hope you will join the mary love! i look forward to starting each day in december focusing on love, light and companionship. i always love your place in the mary bouquet!

  6. Now, whenever I find a white feather, I shall think of angels, and you! ♥