Monday, April 28, 2014

Paint and Pass

glitter sister friends
Painting collaboration
several years ago
We started as a group of 9 artist friends.
Each of us bought 5x7 canvas boards
Everyone painted a background on their own board.
I painted mine Turquoise.

In round robin style we then passed our board to the next
glitter sister artist on the list.
Each artist added a bit of art,
then passed it on.

Since the canvas was small
it was limited space. 
This would be better
and easier on a larger canvas.
There wasn't a theme.
They were just fun and whimsical.
I love the way mine turned out.



  1. I would love to do this again with an 8x10 canvas board....and could be mailed in a padded envelope. What say you? Maybe later on?? XOXO

  2. Yes I would like to do this again.