Sunday, October 12, 2014


Most evenings after dinner dishes were done
my Mom sat down and played the piano.
Dad would relax with the evening newspaper.
All of us "kids" would be in our rooms doing homework
or getting ready for the next day.
Always within earshot of her
beautiful music. 
What a gift she gave us.
To this day 
certain music she played
transports me back
to a time of
love and grace.
Carried away to memories of
Cabbage roses,
the scent of home made bread,
sweetness, happiness,
utter contentment, 
and home.
Always reminding me to
be thankful for my wonderful mother.

Nocturne was one of her favorite tunes.
  Valentina Igoshina - Chopin - Nocturne by beautifulcynic

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Recuerda mi Corazon
The art of remembering


  1. Beautiful picture in my mind produced by your memory.

  2. dear gemma,
    such a flood of peace just filled my heart reading your memories. i wish this peace and feeling of safety was filling the hearts of every child around this world. i can feel your mother's love radiating through you. how blessed am i to know you gemma. xoxo

  3. Gemma, what a lovely memory of yours you share here...

  4. I listened. It's beautiful. What a wonderful childhood you must have had. xo

  5. That is such a beautiful memory. I think music is a wonderful way of connecting, and keeping a memory alive.

  6. such a beautiful memory. and that piano! the ivory looks like it has aged.

  7. sounds like a childhood of a wonderful!!!