Sunday, October 5, 2014

Abstract journal art

Here are the latest Magical Journey Journal pages.
These pages were done for Maggie in honor of her
chosen artist. 
He is Spanish artist Jose Manuel Mellero.

Painting in Mellero's  abstract style,
while keeping true to myself, was difficult at first.
He is a living artist and that was somewhat daunting 
especially when
emulating his style.
I did however come to terms with it
and have to say I really enjoy his art.

These pages will be in the mail to Maggie tomorrow.

Back cover portrait of Merello 
on black gesso with white pen.


  1. Fab Gemma - as soon as I saw your work I knew you must have had Maggie's Merello! The bull has great character and the ladies are so pretty! I know what you mean, I can't believe we've finished again already. It seems to have gone so fast. I can't wait to get my journal back though!

  2. I love every one of these pages, Gemma! The black and white face is awesome and reminds me so much of Merello. I will treasure each one. It does seem as if the time went by so fast this time! I'm sad it's ending, but looking forward to next time! <3 <3 <3

  3. oh, that Merello guy was tough...his art is not easy to imitate without losing did superbly :)
    and that bull!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Merello was the hardest one for me by far! I LOVE what you did here- it;s all gorgeous, but my fave part is what you did for the cover!

  5. Sigh...trying again to override Google's disappearing act. I said...Interesting art. I had not heard of this artist and am going now to look him up....if Goog lets me. :)

  6. I have to second Judie's comment...I didn't know this artist but after seeing your work I want to know more about him.

  7. I love all your pages Gemma, they are fantastic, still Merello and still you! Great combo of work. The back cover is the perfect ending to the Merello Journey. Well, when one door closes, another one opens... on to the next right?

  8. dearest gemma, something happened last year that undid me in a profound way. i have taken this year to practice silence, to take time to look deeply within. suddenly it is october and i feel myself resurfacing. what better way to return to the world of blogging then to share the art of remembering. i hope you will join me in this deeply meaning time of acknowledging our loved ones. xo