Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Projects

Today I harvested my basil bush and made pesto.
I used a recipe that calls for sunflower seeds.
They are considerably cheaper than pine nuts
and taste wonderful.

Basil pesto delicious

There is a box full of empty baby food jars on my side table.
The jars will be wrapped in wire and beads, little candles will go inside.
They will be hung in the trees @ a friends outside wedding on Halloween.

Last week I won 21Secrets an on-line art journaling class which starts this month.
So I have lots of prompts and new ideas for my art journals Very exciting.

Also this month I am taking the Jeanne Oliver Masters class. First up Vincent Van Gogh.

Not to mention my favorite project the Magical Journey Journal needs to be mailed to it's rightful owner. I am still working on it and hope to get it in the mail soon.

So glad the weather has cooled down here. It was a long hot summer.
Hope you are enjoying your days.


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