Friday, December 4, 2015

Haiku My heart ~ Twelve days of Mother love

An unending love
is living inside my heart
divine feminine
“She is so bright and glorious that

 you cannot look at her face or her

 garments for the splendor with

 which she shines. For she is terrible

 with the terror of the avenging

 lightning, and gentle with the

goodness of the bright sun; and

 both her terror and her gentleness

 are incomprehensible to humans....

 But she is with everyone and in

 everyone, and so beautiful is her

secret that no person can know the

 sweetness with which she sustains

 people, and spares them in
inscrutable mercy.
Hildegard of Bingen


  1. gemma my dear may we all choose to see the divine within each person we meet. may we all find our way to answer every question with the action of love.

  2. An awesome piece of writing by Hildegard of Bingen...... Both her terror and her gentleness are incomprehensible! So true.

  3. This is lovely Gemma. I have never read this piece from Hildegard before and it is powerful. I will be thinking on this for some time to come, letting these words sift down through the cells of my being, awakening that which resides in us all... Thank you for this gift of the divine feminine!

  4. Gorgeous photo and magical post filled with enlightenment ~ Divine feminine haiku is beautiful. xox

    Wishing you a loving and magical weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. It all takes my breath away! I do so cherish that "unending love!" Thank you!

  6. Terror and gentleness all in one. Amazing! Holy!

  7. Yes so Blessed is she

    much love...

  8. so happy to embrace this divine feminine

  9. Mother Incarnate. Blessed by and blesses all.

  10. Absolutely exquisite--image, haiku and Hildegarde's word describing the divine feminine.

  11. Beautiful post Gemma. Truly.