Thursday, December 3, 2015

Twelve days of Mary Day Three

Glowing from within
Queen Mary with Prince of Peace
bring us love and light
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Twelve days of Mary


  1. have we ever needed peace more than now? thank you gemma for reminding us all to burn our love light brightly. xo

  2. One of my favorite images of womanhood and the preciousness of life.

  3. oh, this image really shines with what our Mother had to have felt when our Savior was born.

  4. Glowing from within : so powerful and filled with meaning. I love this image - they are cocooned in the Light! May we remind ourselves that this glowing light in the surrounding darkness is available to each one of us

  5. love the combination of haiku and mother love

  6. Ah, she is so young, so shining with love for her little baby son. And your haiku reminds me not to sink into cynicism which it would be easy to do right now.