Friday, June 10, 2016

Haiku my heart under the sun

I have come to know:
Everything's sacred
 rusty, galvanized, plastic
still life and real life
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Haiku my heart


  1. Dearest Gemma, this is quite profound and beautiful. To see beauty where ever we go... is a true gift. Thank you for sharing your ability to see and articulate this and the reminder to look at the world with a renewed sense of the sacred in it all...

  2. I'm feeling a little rusty these days myself as I try to teach English to children here in Guadalajara. It's heartening to know that there's something sacred about this venture, even though there are moments when it feels like a fool's errand.

  3. Many accolades to you in the future....teachers roses are strewn behind them. Good job communication sacred.

  4. good morning dear gemma. your haiku begins with a pearl of a mantra; everything is sacred. everything.

  5. No matter the differences, there is always unique beauty to unite us.

  6. Thank you for remind me of the sacredness of ordinary things.